Creativity and Art at Amin Maktab

Creativity and Art at Amin Maktab

On 4th May, 2017, the SEPLAA Young Leaders conducted an activity with underprivileged children from Amin Maktab. We prepared worksheets, which were designed to be a rectangle with different sized squares in it. Our theme was based on ‘creativity’ and the goal was to achieve different outcomes and patterns when each child coloured the squares with the markers provided, to show the concept of creativity and uniqueness.

Amal Malik, explaining the worksheet to the children of class two.
Dina Malik talking to a group of the students.

The children whom we worked with this time were a new class as the previous class had been promoted. Nevertheless, they were also very excited and eager to take part in the activity.

After the session, we were able to meet some of our old students who greeted us with smiles on their faces. They told us that they wanted to continue taking part in activities such as the ones which we had done with them previously, and that they hoped that we would be able to conduct more of them. This sweet and heartfelt experience showed us that our activities truly had a great influence on them. They adored the activities and welcomed the opportunities that were given to them. The activities that the SEPLAA Young Leaders Club conducted helped the children of Amin Maktab to embrace their creativity and produce unique designs and ideas.

Written by Amal Farooq Malik.